There is often an additional challenge during preparation: when a team has to prepare a negotiation, they quickly discover that the preparation itself is a pretty challenging negotiation exercise!

In easy cases or when you negotiate on your own, a simple preparation checklist is enough (in case you need one, please click here: Short checklist).

For complex negotiations where there is a lot at stake or where the upcoming negotiation is prepared by an entire team, you need to do more to be well prepared. In these cases we can offer support to increase the quality and efficiency of your preparation.


«You want to improve the negotiation process? Change the preparation! »



Our structured and systematic approach ensures that we answer the essential questions that should be clarified before beginning a negotiation.

We help you to formulate the goals that you or your organization cannot sacrifice – and should not sacrifice.

We assist you on how to take different perspectives into consideration and to discover the probable positions, interests and alternatives of the other involved parties. 

If there is a team in charge of negotiation preparation, we help the team members to solve the classic dilemma between diversity of opinion and cohesion. This means that we help the team to appear as a unified group without losing the advantage of variety in abilities, perceptions, and ideas.



In accordance with our negotiation management method we set up a specific negotiation room and ensure that you answer the following questions, among others:

  • How should we compose our delegation for the negotiation and how should we distribute the specific roles among its members?
  • How can we ensure an efficient decision-making process during the negotiation?
  • What are the fundamental needs and interests of our organization that have to be met by the negotiation result?
  • How can the involved parties’ respective abilities and resources be combined to create as much added value as possible?
  • How can and will we preserve the interests of our organization in case we cannot reach an agreement with the other involved parties?



You have access to a range of digital tools to help you prepare discussions and meetings efficiently and effectively.


Meeting Ahead allows you to quickly prepare an upcoming discussion on the go by helping you to focus on essential issues.

Negotiation Toolbox is a more comprehensive digital assistant to help you prepare more thoroughly for difficult negotiations and meetings. Negotiation Toolbox also covers other phases of the negotiation, including the face-to-face interaction and follow-up.

We developed these tools with Meeting Kitchen GmbH, of which Sumbiosis is a founding partner. Meeting Kitchen is specialized on developing digital tools for joint decision-making processes.

Visit the website of Meeting Kitchen.