The art of negotiation lies in the dual ability of paying attention to the substantive issues under discussion while also managing the relationship among participants. This is called principled negotiation. Our training programs target exactly this dual ability. They help you to learn how you can use underlying principles and behavioral patterns to achieve successful results.


Our training program strengthens your and your team’s ability to shape and steer negotiation processes effectively.

Just like in all our other work, our training activities are inspired by the concepts developed by the Harvard Program on Negotiation: a world-renowned research program at Harvard University that revolutionized our understanding of negotiation processes and continually develops it further.


«You will be more successful when you develop your ability to shape and steer negotiation processes.»


Negotiation training isn’t just useful for people at the start of their career. Even experienced managers benefit from further training. What’s true in sports is also true in negotiation: the elite train more than anyone else! Training lets you develop and test new strategies, techniques, and tactics. This isn’t possible in a real-life situation because it’s too risky. Real pros don’t leave anything to chance.

In addition, we offer the option of coaching individual participants on how to handle particularly challenging and complex negotiations (see Negotiation preparation).



Digitale Assistenten

Sumbiosis is co-founder of Meeting Kitchen LLC, which specializes in the development of digital tools to improve joint decision-making.

With Added Insight, we have developed a tool that enables the measurement of negotiation ability. This means that for the first time, it is possible to assess the progress of participants in training courses and to improve their skills in a targeted manner.