Solving concrete problems with large groups of people is challenging. That’s why it’s crucial to start an honest dialog and to ensure that everyone sees the decision-making process as understandable, reasonable, and fair.

We help you to develop constructive communication with all participants in order to find sustainable solutions. By supporting you in maintaining these dialogs, we create transparency, reliability, and planning security for everyone involved.


You will achieve faster progress by having genuinely inclusive dialogs with all concerned parties.



We help you to systematically structure dialogs with all participants and to build a good and productive working relationship among all those involved. This is essential to promote creativity, identify connections and interdependencies, and summarize results.

At the same time, you – as the process organizer – benefit from the separation of content and substantive issues from process management.

We ensure that «translation mechanisms” are in place and that rules are agreed upon. This resolves the challenges of communication between experts and laypersons.

If you want or have to begin such a dialog, we support you by:

  • developing a detailed concept jointly with you;
  • carefully preparing the dialog events;
  • ensuring that all people involved in the organization and implementation of the project work together well and efficiently;
  • taking care that the above-mentioned success factors are fulfilled;
  • taking on the role of “guide” during the dialog event. As guide, we are responsible for the adherence to the structure and main themes, time management, and for the achievement of demonstrable results;
  • ensuring the definition of action plans so that any decisions reached can be implemented;
  • following up on and reviewing the dialog events so that you can draw useful lessons from them.

Konferenzen gestalten


We design and moderate conferences on your behalf – whether large or small. In a first step, we help you to clearly define the goals of the event and to optimize the structure and design accordingly.

We support the speakers during preparation as well as on the podium, thereby ensuring they will perform at their best. We make sure that their key messages are heard effectively.

Lastly, we ensure that the audience is actively involved in an appropriate manner and that everyone can take home an (individual) result.