Program on Negotiation

Research conducted in the 1980s in the framework of the Program on Negotiation identified the mechanisms that explain what happens during a negotiation. We thus know today what we need to do to reach an agreement that takes into account the interests of all parties.

That is why we at Sumbiosis use the strategy of principled negotiation. This allows us to increase the quality and efficiency of negotiations.


»We know the mechanisms that explain what happens during a negotiation, and that in general always produce the same effects

    You can learn how to lead good negotiations

    Our many years of experience show that this strategy is highly useful and successful. At the same time, this strategy is also particularly challenging and requires method and structure. Leading good negotiations is not, as a rule, an innate ability.

    We are convinced that a structured approach to the preparation and conduct of a negotiation is crucial. Accordingly, we have developed a negotiation management method, which is described here.