With Sumbiosis ensuring the successful organization and accompaniment of a negotiation, all participants can focus on the negotiation content. Sumbiosis takes care of the negotiation process for you. This reduces risk significantly, leaving you free to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.

Our approach ensures that we take care of the following issues:

  • Upon request, we can help you to explain to other negotiation participants why it makes sense to entrust process management to an external third party.
  • We equip you and other participants with a tailored preparation checklist to ensure you begin the negotiation optimally prepared.
  • We set up a negotiation room for you equipped with everything necessary for conducive discussions.
  • We guide you and the other participants through the steps of an optimal negotiation process to that you can achieve clear and implementable action plans.

 «Your negotiations will be more successful when you don’t have to focus on both content and process.»




Our role is to structure and moderate the decision-making process for the benefit of all participants. You yourself determine the outcome of the negotiation. We don’t tell you or any other participants what you should accept or reject. We don’t guide in the direction of any specific agreement.

In the context of a negotiation process management mandate, we help you to ensure that the agreement you reach is sustainable. Should you decide that you cannot reach an agreement, we help you to find a good withdrawal strategy. In particular, we assist you in ensuring that this decision will not prevent you from negotiating with the other participants in the future, should another opportunity under different circumstances arise.