We offer active support without striving to replace you

We have years of experience managing negotiation processes and moderating group discussions and events, which you probably don't have to the same extent. We are communication experts - but you are the expert in your field. We take this joint responsibility very seriously.

As our client, you remain the captain of your ship.

One of our principles is to distinguish between content and process. We don’t dictate what you should negotiate about or what agreement you should reach. You remain in charge of the content. However, the process is just as important – and that’s where we come in. We support you by managing the negotiation and communication process, so that you are free to focus on substantive issues. We don't simply take over the process, either. We develop it jointly with you.

It's like a race car rally: we take on the role of co-drivers, but you are at the steering wheel. With our support, you are free to focus on driving.

Co Creation

We refer to what we do as empowerment: We help you to shape your activities and impact according to your own preferences and needs.

We are dynamic and flexible

At Sumbiosis, every client mandate is unique. And that’s the way we want it to be. We want to be constantly challenged with new contexts and situations, for which we need to develop new solutions.

We offer individual and customized support for all our mandates. We take into account your needs to develop flexible solutions, that we also adapt to any changes during the project. We remain in a close dialog with you in order to remain agile.

Sumbiosis is a network of experienced consultants – all with different backgrounds and a broad range of professional experience. What we all share is a strong interest in negotiation and conflict management, as well as in supporting collaboration processes. Thanks to this unique mix of shared interests and different strengths, we are flexible and able to provide you with the expertise necessary to meet your needs.

We challenge ourselves to continually develop unique solutions that meet your specific needs.