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A good negotiation is not a matter of chance …

To the contrary: negotiating is a process which deserves to be systematically planned and carefully structured! For it is by far not only the issues to be dealt with that determine the outcome of a negotiation. Quality, efficiency and success are influenced at least as much by the way how the parties negotiate with one another. Therefore, negotiating requires more than improvisation and artful skills.

In order to optimize the negotiation process (the "how") we put at your disposal a method, several tools and our know-how. When you decide to resort to it, the content of the negotiation always remains under your own control.

Optimizing the process allows you to:

  • reduce risks and get a grip on the difficulties of the negotiation,
  • raise the quality of the outcome,
  • increase time efficiency,
  • and minimize the overall negotiation-related costs.
Tools & Know-HowChecklists, think pieces and other tools for your negotiation management